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2023 in Review

As the year draws to a close, it’s a perfect time to look back on the journey we’ve had with our book, “Making with Data: Physical Design and Craft in a Data-Driven World.” We are truly grateful for the warm reception the book has received, and the opportunity to discuss and connect with a wonderful set of people in the field. Let’s dive into some of the highlights of 2023.


PolicyVis Podcast with Jonathan Schwabish

In a delightful session with Jon Schwabisch, we dived into the nuances of data physicalization and its impact on contemporary data practices. In the podcast, Samuel Huron, Till Nagel, Lora Oehlberg and Wesley Willett discuss the themes of our book and how they resonate with current trends in data visualization. Check out the PolicyViz podcast, notes, and transcript, or watch it on Youtube.

Explore Explain with Andy Kirk

Our interaction with Andy Kirk on his series, Explore Explain, was another highlight. Here, Lora Oehlberg and Samuel Huron shared their insights and experiences, providing a unique perspective on the intersection of data visualization and design. This insightful conversation is accessible at Visualising Data and on the Explore Explain channel on Youtube.

AK Peters Visualization Series Videocast

In April, we were guests on the videocast hosted by series co-editors Alberto Cairo and Tamara Munzner. This engaging session covered various aspects of constructing physicalizations and highlighted some of the meandering paths in publishing our book — and reveals an Easter egg in the book’s cover. Be sure to watch this discussion on Youtube.


Making with Data (and Beyond) at CHI

At ACM CHI 2023, the panelists Kim Sauvé, Moritz Stefaner, Alice Thudt, and Eva Hornecker discussed contemporary practices and envisioned ways to make physical representations of data in the future, and explore the intersection of data visualization, design, fabrication, and tangible interaction. Ekene Ijeoma and Dietmar Offenhuber shared their perspectives via videos. The discussion was led by Samuel Huron and Till Nagel, with Wesley Willet organizing the remote part of the panel. More details can be found at

The physical life of data at Info+

At the Information+ Conference in Edinburgh, we had the privilege of discussing the tangible aspects of data. Dietmar Offenhuber introduced his book “Autographic Design - the Matter of Data in a Self-inscribing World” (MIT Press) and shared insights that complemented the themes in “Making with Data.” Dietmar is also the author of the introduction for the Environment section in our book. Till Nagel presented our book Making with Data, gave an overview of the different sections, and invited participants to use our template for documenting the design of physicalizations. More information about the Information+ conference.

Looking ahead

We are grateful for the opportunities to connect with so many brilliant minds and are excited about what the future holds. Here’s to more learning, sharing, and making with data in the years to come!